OCEF 大纽约分部资助项目 (2012-2013) 2013年12月

OCEF New York Chapter Funded Projects (2012-2013) December 2013

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  • 2012年11月募捐款项定向捐助了两个图书馆项目和一个特殊项目:
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  • 2013年2月募捐款项定向捐助了两个特殊项目:
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Description and Progress Report

Through the November 2012 Auction benefit and February 2013 New Year Concert, OCEF New York Chapter raised $10,000 and $24,768 respectively, totaling $34,768 in net proceeds. All the funds received are unrestricted designated.

Advised by China Affairs Committee, we decided to fund five projects on behalf of OCEF New York Chapter. The overall budget for these projects sums up to ¥150,641.99, equivalent to $24,494.63. The net balance remained is expected to be $10,273.37. Below is the overview of the five designated projects:

  • Donations collected through the Nov. 2012 auction have been assigned to two Library Programs and one Special Program.
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  • Donations received through the Feb. 2013 New Year concert has been assigned to two Special Programs.
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OCEF New York Chapter Funded Projects Summary

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