Salome Chamber Orchestra

New York City compels young adults to be at once adaptable, optimistic, multi-faceted and resourceful. At Salomé, we feel that the very survival and evolution of classical music within such a fast-paced, cosmopolitan environment requires a dynamic balance of novelty, tradition, and hard work.

It was with this vision in mind that the Salomé Chamber Orchestra, New York City’s electrifying new conductor-less string ensemble, was formed in September 2009. The Orchestra, founded by the Carpenter siblings (violinists Sean and Lauren and violist David), is dedicated to advancing the works of both underappreciated and well-recognized chamber composers alike, and to performing a broad range from Baroque to contemporary repertoire. Salomé’s intelligent, artistic and interdisciplinary approach to music-making produces refreshing and vibrant performances which attest to the wealth of talent that can be found in this great city and in our generation. To date, the Orchestra has performed at venues around Manhattan including Steinway Hall, Carnegie Hall, Barge Music, Christie’s, MILK Studios, and the MET Museum; on NPR’s Performance Today; and on national TV. Salomé has collaborated with leading soloists, including guitarist Sharon Isbin and violist David Aaron Carpenter, with 2012 performances slated with violinist Philippe Quint.

Salomé is based in Manhattan and consists of top-ranking graduates from The Curtis Institute of Music, The Julliard School, Manhattan School of Music, Princeton University, and Yale University.
纽约的生活激励年轻人快速适应节奏,乐观,多层面,并积累资源,Salome Chamber 乐团体会到在这样一个快节奏的,国际化的环境中, 古典音乐的生存和发展需要一个创新,传统和辛勤的动态平衡,奔逐这样的宗旨,Carpenter兄妹 (小提琴家Sean 和Lauren, 中提琴家 David) 于 2009年9月在纽约成立Salome Chamber 乐团,一个全新的无指挥交响乐团,成立至今,Salome 已经在纽约的斯坦威音乐厅,卡尔基音乐厅, 驳船音乐, 佳士得,MILK工作室, 和大都会博物馆,NPR和国家电视台举行过演出, 并和许多世界顶尖的音乐独奏家合作演出。2012年8月Salome在汉普顿举办了第一个Salome 音乐节。 Salome Chamber 乐团位于曼哈顿,演奏家多来自世界著名的音乐学院的优秀毕业生,例如柯蒂斯音乐学院,茱莉雅音乐学院,曼哈顿音乐学院,普林斯顿大学和耶鲁大学。详情请访问

Tim Zhang

Tim Zhang is a rising Pianist currently studying at the Mannes College of Music in New York following the guidance of Prof. Pavilina Dokoska and Vladimir Valjarvic. In July 2006, Time was the first prizewinner in the 12-year-old category of the Canadian Music Competitions in Rimouski, Quebec. Since 2007, Time has begun to hold solo concerts in Canada, United States and China. In 2012, Time was invited by Beijing Symphony Orchestra to perform in Beijing Concert Hall. He also held his solo concert at Steinway Hall, New York and made his debut at Carnegie Hall later that year. In the summer of 2012, Tim was appointed as the Global Publicity Representative and the Cultural Education Counselor for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics Committee. Recently, Tim has been invited by famous brands such as Breguet, Chanel and ELLE, Steinway and Sons as well as Coca Cola to perform for their events.

张浩天是钢琴界的明日之星,目前就读于纽约的曼尼斯音乐学院,师从Pavlina Dokoska 教授和Vladimir Valjarevic 教授,2006年7月,张浩天就在加拿大魁北克省Rimouski音乐比赛12岁类别获得第一名,自2007年以来,张浩天已经开始在加拿大,美国和中国举行他的独奏音乐会。2012年张浩天被邀请在北京音乐厅和北京交响乐合作演出。同年,他还在纽约Steinway 音乐厅举行了他的独奏音乐会和首次在卡内基音乐厅举行了演出。2012年夏天,Tim被提名为南京2014年年奥运会委员会的全球宣传代表和文化教育大使。近来多家著名名品牌邀请张浩天到他们的活动表演,如Breguet, Chanel, ELLE, Steinway and Son, Coca Cola.

Hao Wang

Hao Wang graduated from Columbia University School of Engineering with a Master in Electrical Engineering in 2011. He works in the field of software development for the financial sector, currently employed by Nomura Global Markets. Hao devotes most of his spare time in Cross Talk, a traditional Chinese performing art. He had written and performed many original Cross Talk shows. Most of His works are based on current events. They not only make the audience laugh to tears but often times make them think after the messages soaks in. He and his partners had performed at the annual Columbia Chinese New Year Gala held by the Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CUCSSA) for three consecutive years.
王浩,男,汉族,1986年8月29日出生于北京。2011年毕业于哥伦比亚大学工程学院,获得电子工程专业硕士学位。毕业后从事于金融行业的软件开发,现就职于野村证券Global Markets部门。业余时间致力于中国传统艺术——相声的创作和表演,已连续4年在哥伦比亚大学中国学生学者联谊会(CUCSSA)的春节晚会上表演自己的原创相声,每段相声皆因针砭时弊、与时俱进和带着老外说中文的特点备受观众的欢迎,其中2012年的群口相声《如此纳贤》在视频网站的总点击量超过百万,并被冠以“史上最牛留学生相声”的称号。2012年与相声搭档一起创立哥伦比亚大学相声社并担任社长,为哥大新生提供接触、学习和表演相声的平台,并在学期末举办相声专场,为在校学生缓解学业压力。2013年邀请北京相声第二班班主王自健先生作客哥伦比亚大学,并与王自健先生同台表演对口相声。

2. 《如此纳贤》(群口)——2012年哥伦比亚大学中国学生学者联谊会春晚相声,链接:
3. 《道歉》(群口)——2011年哥伦比亚大学中国学生学者联谊会春晚相声,链接:
4. 《曹操墓》(群口)——2010年哥伦比亚大学中国学生学者联谊会春晚相声,链接:
5. 《做礼拜》(对口)——2012年哥伦比亚大学相声社专场相声