HNR My Radio Happy Radio Station 12/2013

In March 2013, Xiaohong Qi, OCEF New York Chapter Honorary Chair, approached He'nan People's Radio Station (HNR) during her trip back to China, and met with Jian'guang Niu, Director of HNR My Radio, discussing the possibilities of partnership between OCEF and HNR. Soon after the meeting, HNR presented us one of its charity projects called "My Radio Happy Radio Station" and expressed their intention to establish the relationship with OCEF by working on this project together.

My Radio Happy Radio Station is a charity campaign to build on-campus radio stations for underprivileged elementary schools in rural area within He'nan province, initiated by HNR with the support of He'nan Province office of Project Hope. The project is targeted to purchase necessary equipment with around 10,000 Chinese yuan and build an on-campus radio station to add more variety to the campus life for the students. Since its implementation, the project had already built and launched 7 radio stations. All have been a beloved part of the students and teachers' lives in those benefited schools.

In May 2013, after further detailed discussions, initial partnering intends have been reached between the two parties. It has been confirmed that OCEF NY Chapter will take part in this project and provide specifically oriented funding. He Village Elementary School, which is located in Town of Grape Shelf, Lankao County, He'nan Province, was chosen to be the 1st school sponsored by OCEF Radio Station project (Project Serial # SPE130600) and the 8th school benefited by the My Radio Happy Radio Station program. The funding provided by OCEF NY Chapter was 8,900 Chinese yuan and the radio station has been named after The Salome Chamber Orchestra in honor of its support in OCEF New York Chinese New Year Benefit Concert in February, 2013.

On July 23, 2013, thanks to all the hard work from the staff at HNR, the participating OCEF volunteers and all our supporting friends, He Village Elementary School's My Radio Happy Radio station was successfully launched. Except for the outdoor stereo system, all major broadcasting equipment was installed in the reading room which was previously built by OCEF. We hope that the joys of reading, the love from the teachers, and the beautiful melody from this radio station will accompany the students and become part of their precious memories.

On September 10, 2013, the Chinese National Teachers' Day, our local OCEF volunteer couple Chuanzhi Zhang and Meiqian Wang attended the dedication ceremony for He Village Elementary School's May Radio Happy Radio station along with the staff from HNR. They passed the kind wishes from Xiaohong and the Carpenter family (founder of The Salom' Chamber Orchestra) to the school. The dedication ceremony was simple yet heartwarming: Flag raising ceremony followed by the award ceremony with the music played by the junior musicians from the school's drum band. Our camera captured this exciting moment filled with the students' smiling faces, which is a perfect remark for our OCEF's very first on-campus radio station.

In the process of putting together the Radio Station, we received many letters from the He Village Elementary School. The letters showed nothing but best wishes and great appreciation. We are truly honored. More importantly, it makes us feel that our belief in education and the mission that OCEF have committed to over 20 years had not only brought joy and hope to the kids in impoverished rural areas of China, but also passed down the grateful heart and sense of appreciation to all that have been involved. As Xiaohong wrote on her letter to the kids for the Dedication Ceremony, "hope this little radio station will open a window for you to reach the outside world. When you are discovering all these stunning beauties through your curious eyes, be confident and tell yourself - Someday, I will be part of it. The bigger your dream is, the greater your future will be. Be committed and work hard for it."

We would like to quote the words from He Village Elementary School Principal Zhongbao LI at the Dedication Ceremony, to express our appreciation to all friends of OCEF, simple but sincere, "A million thanks for your generous support! "