1. The He Village Elementary School My Radio Happy Radio Station Project (Town of Grape Shelf, Lankao County, He'an Province, Central China). OCEF started partnering with He'an People's Radio Station on the My Radio Happy Radio Program since May, 2013. He Village Elementary School Radio Station becomes the first station funded by OCEF through this program. The installation and configuration was completed by July 23, 2013 and the dedication ceremony was held on September 10, 2013. OCEF spent ¥8,900 on this project in total, equivalent to $1,447.15.

2. The Xianglutai Elementary School Well Project (Guangling County, Shanxi Province, Central China). The Xinaglutai Elementary School is located in the mountains lacking proper transportation facilities. The students and teachers have to carry down the drinking water from neighboring village. There is no other available source of drinking water nearby. Therefore, the school principal expressed his hope that OCEF would be able to help them build a well, so that they can have easy access to clean water. The total budget for well construction is ¥101,000 (¥72,000 on 120-meter excavation for ¥600 per meter, ¥26,000 on the water pump, and ¥3,000 on electric wires), which is about $16,422.76. The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of Year 2013.