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In 2013, OCEF New York / New Jersey Chapter successfully hosted its first Benefit Concert in Xiaohong Qi’s gorgeous penthouse. We greeted nearly 200 guests with various backgrounds and professions, welcomed the attendance of representatives from the Chinese Consulate in New York, National Committee on US and China Relations, as well as the Mayor's Office. Many of our guests are world-renowned elites and professionals in the fields of art, literature, science, business and academia, visiting from NY, NJ, CT, as well as other countries. The concert evening was especially meaningful with the company of all our enthusiastic education supporters, who are serious and passionate about the cause of this foundation. Atotal of almost $30,000 was received through direct donations and net proceeds from the admissions and live/silent auctions, allowing OCEF to make the direct educational contribution to China’s underprivileged areas.

Your passion for this mission and generous donations directly support educational equityfor the overseas children in need. In 2013, OCEF NY/NJ Chapter has designated event proceeds to various OCEF programs in China. Our most current achievement would be the successful establishment of a children’s radio station in LanKao PuTaoJia Elementary School in HeNan Province. The Love My Happy Radio Station in Putaojia Elementary school was made possible through collaborating with HeNan Public Radio station and other educational contributors. This event sets a milestone of OCEF’s influence in instituting a more lively educational experience for children in schools.

OCEF NY Concert Financials

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窗外星光灿烂,晚会现场也是星光璀璨,纽约Salome Chamber弦乐交响乐团用现代方式演绎古典音乐让人耳目一新,特邀演奏嘉宾纽约爱乐乐团首席双簧管演奏家王亮,著名女高音姜芳涛,和青年钢琴演奏家张浩天都为音乐会带来了精心准备的节目,音乐会在来宾和演奏家们共唱茉莉花的优美和声中圆满结束。两位主持人,纽约名媛梁思成林徽因的曾孙女梁周洋和专业演员Jamees Donahower的精彩对白也为晚会增色不少。


本次活动由纽约分会的13名委员共同策划和组织,得到众多OCEF志愿者,捐款者和支持者的帮助,活动的成功是与他们所有人的努力和支持分不开的。特此感谢小枇杷杂志,China Arts Foundation, Knights Investment Group等协办和赞助机构对本次活动的大力支持。


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